Yokohama Landmark Tower

Landmark Tower on a cloudy day
Photo by: Zengame, Creative Commons

If you want to experience Japan, visiting the Yokohama Landmark Tower is recommended. Although skyscrapers seem to be normal in major cities across Japan, this tower is simply the building which is the tallest of them all.

For the record, the tower was also recorded as the third tallest in all of Japan with a height of nine hundred seventy two feet or 296.3 meters. It is located at the district of Minato Mirai, right next to the Yokohama Museum of Art.

The Structure

The Yokohama Landmark Tower boasts its 73 floors above the ground and 4 floors below the ground. With super fast elevators and a whopping 1,413 parking spaces, both local and international visitors will be surely accommodated.

Sky Garden

The tower is the Japan’s highest observation deck. The observatory can be found on the 69th floor, which is also known as the Sky Garden, where all the travelers and visitors are privileged to see the whole city, 360 degrees.

The scene is really breath-taking, and you will be amazed by the picturesque views on all parts of the city. If you are lucky to be in the Sky Garden on a cloudless and sunny day, you can also watch Mount Fuji from the deck.

The first 48 floors of the building is comprised of a variety if offices, shops, clinics, and restaurants. Undoubtedly, this tower is your one-stop location for almost all your needs. Both local and international brand names are available in the building so you will worry no more if you have a preferred brand or something.

Meanwhile, the floors 49 to 70 contain a five-star hotel to serve as your second home while travelling in Yokohama. With its 603 stunning and magnificent rooms, you will surely get the best regards from the city.

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