Yokohama Science Center

Exterior Yokohama Science Center
Photo by: 妖精書士, Creative Commons

When most people think about visiting Japan, they think of skyscrapers and bright lights in Tokyo. Yokohama often goes unnoticed, but it is actually a huge metropolis on the Tokyo Bay, and a great urban sprawling city with something for everybody to do.

From boardwalks to restaurants to amusement parks, Yokohama is a great place Japan for the family. One of the premier places to visit is the Yokohama Science Center.

For the Kids

The Yokohama Science Center offer kids and their family’s great hands-on experiences. They are entertained and educated at the same time through videos, planetarium shows, and other activities to get children of all ages interested in science and the world around them. It offers a combination of entertainment and education by getting children involved in the activities.

When visiting the Yokohama Science Center, you can expect fun for the whole family. Children of all ages, as well as their parents can participate in many hands-on experiences, and enjoy an entire day at the Science Center learning about space and playing interactive games.


One of the great things about visiting the Science Center is that all of the displays and activities are explained in both English and Japanese. You don’t need to worry about not being able to understand or translate any of the displays for yourself or your children.

Admission is inexpensive, making it a great way to spend the day with the family in Yokohama.

The Science Center in Yokohama, Japan is a wonderful place to bring children of all ages. Kids will get involved in all of the opportunities to touch and learn, and is a great overall attraction. The whole family will have wonderful memories of their day at the Science Center, and it will definitely be a place worth returning to when you go back to Japan in the future.

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