Giro Delle Mura in York
Photo by: gaspa , Creative Commons

York is a place loved by visitors from around the world. This city, which was built by Roman conquerors, boasts of a rich history that catches the eyes and heart of every visitor who sets foot in this picturesque city. With a rich culture and lively people, York attracts many tourists who flock to it to witness the sights that it is famous for. Its temperate climate which is dryer than the rest of Yorkshire and Humberside region is a perfect setting for a wonderful tour around the city.

Walking the narrow streets of York is a joy and an enticing experience that lead you to alleyways and connecting passages called snickelways. If you want a wider view of the city, you can walk the city walls which let you view the best sights of the city.

Although it is a very historic place with historic building and sights, it is matched by the comforts of modern life like shops, theaters, galleries, bookshops restaurants, cafes and pubs. What makes York a very ideal city for travel is that it is relatively small, making it easy for tourists to find their way around.

The streets of York lead to St. Helen’s Square which is popular meeting place that gives easy access to the River Ouse, York Minster, the Museum Gardens and the main shopping areas in the city. For teatime, you can visit the famous Betty’s Tea Rooms which is frequented by visitors because of its unforgettably delicious teas and Yorkshire delicacies.

From there, you can take a stop at the Mansion House which houses the city’s mayor and Guildhall. Before reaching York Minster, you’’ pass by Stonegate which is one the prettiest roads in the city. Here, you can find a lot of gift shops where you can buy little treats for loved ones.

In Minster Yard, you can find the statue of the Goddess Minerva and the Roman Emperor, Constantine.

Dominating the city is the famous York Minster, the Gothic cathedral which took almost 250 years to build. You can climb the 275 steps to the top of its tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. It has a many things that a tourist has to see including the north transept where a clock with 400-year old wooden figures, Gog and Magog, mark the time by hitting each other. Also, there is The Nave where a spectacular 15th century choir screen presents life-size figures of the 15 kings of England from William I to Henry VI.

You’ll also find the Monk Bar which is the grandest of the city entrances. Other popular places are Clifford’s Tower, St. Mary’s Abbey and the Exhibition Square where walking tours and open top buses depart for sightseeing.

Before leaving this picturesque city, visit Yorkshire Wheel, the newest attraction of York, which lets you view the city from a wider and more panoramic perspective.

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