Zoroastrian tower in Yazdian desert
Photo by: indigoprime, Creative Commons

Zabol is a gateway between Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is the southeastern-most province of Iran. This city is located in the Sistan Plain and is part of both Baluchistan and Sistan provinces. This is place is best for outdoor travelers as the terrain here is very rigid and is good for trekking and other adventures.

In Zabol, you can sign up for a Sistan Plain tour group. This is a great place to discover and see the rougher side of Iran. Here it is mostly desert, as this area is closer to Central and South Asia. This is a great place to discover and experience natural oases. This is a great vacation and adventure for any nature lover. This can give you the ultimate desert experience.

Another thing to look forward to when in Zabol is their carpet industry. Since the city is very near Central and South Asia, a lot of people who live here are the Baluch from Pakistan. These people are comprised of several tribes like the Sarbandi, Sanjarani and the Zamir-Farsyoon. These people are great when it comes to carpets. They handcraft the carpets themselves and are of the greatest quality. The best Baluch rugs in Iran are sold in Zabol.

Zabol is a great way to experience Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan all in one go. You can get Baluch rugs and at the same time, experience the underappreciated beauty of the Iranian desert. Make sure to take time and visit Zabol.

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