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Photo by: jns001, Creative Commons

Zadar is a wonderful place in Croatia that is often visited by tourists, local and foreign alike. To get to Zadar, Croatia, you may take the plane and from the airport there will be buses and taxis that will take you to your hotel or to whatever destination you wish to explore.

A walk through the streets of the old town on the peninsula will give you a serene and warm feeling of being welcomed by the city. From there you may visit any of the 34 old churched of the peninsula and discover the colorful history that each of them has to tell. If you want to drop by the oldest of these churches first, then ask around for directions to the church of St. Simeon. After a quick tour of the oldest church you may now go to the other churches, such as the church of St. Donat, the Cathedral of St. Anastacia, and the church of St. Mary.

There are also ruins of old Roman forum situated around Zadar. You may ask your tour guide to take you to these forums and tell more about the history behind each. And speaking of history, you may also want to see the oldest university in Croatia and one of the oldest universities in Europe, which is the University of Zadar, which was founded in the year 1396. Zadar also has an Archaeological Museum if you want to take a more detailed look on the origin of the city.

Another unique feature that is visited by tourists in Zadar is the Sea Organ found on the city’s Riva. This man-made musical instrument produces otherworldly sounds to the delight of every listener.

After a tiring day of touring the city, you can relax at one of the cafes in Zadar or end your day with a nice swim on the pristine waters, while enjoying the sunset. Surely you will be relaxed and energized for your next day of adventure.
Zadar is certainly one place in Croatia that you will enjoy. So when you think of going on a holiday in this beautiful country, make sure that you have Zadar in your itinerary.

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