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The beauty of Zagreb, Croatia can be compared to the charm and brilliance of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna with its cobbled pavements old city medieval architecture. It is the capital of the city and among the most visited places in Croatia, especially by tourists from Italy, Austria and Germany.

The Zagreb International Airport is the fastest way to get to the city when you are coming from another country. And once you are in, others kinds of transportation are quite accessible for your convenience. The train has regular schedules and taxis are abundant in every area. There are also buses that you may ride in when going around the city.

In Zagreb there are the Upper and Lower tows, which you may visit while vacationing in the city. The Upper Town, or more popularly known locally as Gornji grad and the Lower Town or Donji grad are where the cafes, restaurants, bars and other establishments that are essential to visiting tourists can be found. These are considered as the city’s cultural and religious centers.

Museums can be found around Zagreb and can be visited for a fee. These museums are where the city’s best-kept art and historical pieces are kept for the tourists, local and foreign alike, to marvel at. Among these is the Muzej Mimara or Mimara Museum. This museum is home to an astounding number of artworks, around 3, 700, which are donated by ante Topic Mimara. Over 1,500 exhibits are on display here, dating back to the prehistoric era until the 20th century, including some of the works of Lorenzetti, Rembrandt, Delacroix, Caravaggio, Renoir, Veronese and Canaletto among others.

The Archeological Museum in Zagreb, on the other hand, is where some 400,000 items of historical value are kept, though not everything is put on display. Among these important items are the Egyptian collection, which made the museum famous in the world, and the Zagreb mummy and bandages that bear the world’s oldest Etruscan inscription and the numismatic collection. An interesting part of the museum is the portion intended for the stone monuments that mostly date back to the Roman period.

Zagreb is indeed an art haven and a great place for those who would like explore the county’s rich history. Drop by this city and be amazed by its huge collection of art and history pieces.

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