Zanzibar Coral Reefs

Zanzibar Coral Reefs
Photo by: Zé Eduardo , Creative Commons

The continent of Africa can truly amaze many of us with its vast forests, breath taking sites and interesting collection of endangered and wild animals. As many travelers have believed, Africa is Nature at its boldest form.

If you are planning to pack your backpacks and spend your vacation on this marvelous continent, remember to include on your list of must-see attractions the Zanzibar Coral Reefs of Tanzania. Praised because of its ability to engulf urban settlers into a new perspective inclined towards Mother Earth, Tanzania is a place you will never want to miss.

Zanzibar is originally from mainland Tanzania, but was broken apart by long ago violent geological activities. Now, the two small islets comprising Zanzibar is a new tourist spot for many travelers. As an archipelago, the whole area of Zanzibar is bounded by wide beaches with growing coconut trees. Also, a vast collection of coral reefs surround the whole location, making it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. In that case, for you to actually understand the grandeur of Zanzibar Coral Reefs, you might also want to bring with you your diving suits and goggles.

Historically speaking, Zanzibar was formerly called the Prison Island. The reason was because many unjust rulers imprisoned their slaves on this island. However, the former prison now is the center of tourism in Tanzania. In its coral reefs, Zanzibar serves as the home for a large family of giant tortoises. The coral reefs successfully attracted those tortoises believed to have dwelt originally from Seychelles.

Inspired by the oceanic aura, restaurants across the island also offer fish and chips in their menus, side by side with their organic salad. With that, visiting Zanzibar Coral Reefs is truly time well spent.

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