Zaporozhye neighborhood
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

The ancient city of Zaporozhye is located in southeast Ukraine. It has been present for over two hundred years already, and is located on the banks of the Dnieper River, which is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Zaporozhye, also, approximately has eight hundred twenty thousand inhabitants. It is an urban city; and about six hundred doctors, as well as, above two hundred journalists and writers make up its residents. Its land area is also about three hundred square kilometers. In addition, this city is a fundamental industrial center that acts as a waterway port and a railway junction.

Zaporozhye city houses several prominent local industrial companies. ZAZ, Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of automobiles is located here. Dnieproges, a huge hydroelectric power plant, and Zaporozhstal, a steel and iron plant, are situated here, as well. But this city is also the home of world-class companies such as Motor-Sitch, which is an airplane engine manufacturer. And even the by-products of Coca Cola are supplied by Zaporozhye’s chemical industry. Nonetheless, major metallurgical, steel, light, and engineering industries are established here, as well. This is precisely why this city is of great help to the economy. Ukraine receives adequate supplies of stainless steel from it. A lot of facilities in Zaporozhye city also produce energy, both non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, heavy machinery, and machines for transportation. In fact, over four hundred products are exported each year, thanks to bountiful Zaporozhye.

The growth of Zaporozhye is also more evident through the academic institutions it has. There are numerous teacher-training, machine-building, and pharmaceutical institutes in this city. The Zaporozhye State University, as well as, other well-recognized research centers, medical schools, and technical institutions are found here too. And because of this, Zaporozhye city have produced a large number of students and scholars. However, these are not all the city has to offer.

Zaporozhye is also famous for its restaurants and food. Usually, the foods here are abundant and cheap. A famous floating restaurant is also found on the Dnieper River. Furthermore, this city’s climate is somewhat dry, which makes it perfect for tourism. So, tourists can visit museums, circus shows, clubs, and theatres. They can walk on some of Europe’s longest streets and drive on Zaporozhye’s longest road, Lenin Prospekt. They can also attend Zaporozhye’s Independence Day celebration during August 24. Various hotels such as Hotel Zaporizhzhya are also available to accommodate the tourists.

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