Zellerbach Auditorium

Graduation Ceremonies at Zellerbach Hall (Auditorium)
Photo by: Monica’s Dad, Creative Commons

The Zellerbach Auditorium is the main recital venue of the Cal Performances, one of the major performing arts organizations of the University of California, Berkeley.

Cal Performances helps to motivate and develop the skills of performers. They are committed to achieve excellence and community service by inspiring artists to give their best and enrich their capabilities.

Zellerbach Auditorium is a part of the Zellerbach Hall, a place which has complete facilities for the performing arts group of the University of California. The hall was designed by Vernon DeMars, an architect and professor of the university. It was completed in 1968 and was divided into two performance areas: Zellerbach Auditorium with 2,015 seats and Zellerbach Playhouse with 500 seats. They named the hall after Isadore and Jennie Zellerbach who donated one million dollars for the completion of the venue.

Being the bigger part of the hall, the Auditorium provides an area appropriate for concertos, theatrical productions, dance, and opera. On the other hand, the Zellerbach Playhouse is used by the Department of Theatre and Dance of the University of California as their main performance venue.

Zellerbach Auditorium is well-known for its accommodating ambiance. The sound of music resonates well in the auditorium and the seats are nice even in the balcony. However, spectators cannot bring drinks or food inside the place.
Cal Performances were not the only ones who can use the venue. Famous artists were invited to perform in the auditorium to entertain the public. Some of these famous artists were: Circus Oz, Kathy Griffin, operatic baritone Bryn Terfel, Jason Mraz, Ryan Adams, and The Cardinals.

Zellerbach Auditorium is truly an important cultural venue for the people in Berkeley. Due to its contributions and help to improve the skills of future performers, the auditorium promotes artistic innovations and personality development to the students to be better individuals.

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