Zlin, Czech Republic
Photo by: Wiki commons , Creative Commons

Zlin is a city in the Czech Republic. During the late 1800’s, a resident of Zlin named Tomas Bata founded a shoe company here. Then World War I hit and his shoe factory was commissioned to start making shoes for the Austro-Hungarian Army, bringing jobs and much needed income to the city. The business continued to flourish to the point that even the 1930’s Great Depression couldn’t stop the expansion of this business empire. Although this shoe factory no longer resides in Zlin, you can still see the Villa of Tomas Bata along with other monuments and representation of the growth of this city because of him.

The difference between this city and other cities in the Czech Republic is the fact that there is an ultra-modern design of infrastructures that makes it somewhat an urban utopia. People who clearly understand architectural design can have a deep appreciation of the modernity and the details placed in their designs. City folks who have been touring ancient ruins and historical places in Europe can definitely feel at home in this place because the aim of their design is to give a lasting impression of the most modern architecture to suit the needs of their growing business sector.

On the other hand, for those that love entertainment and leisure, you can always visit the Grand Cinema. This was built in the 1930’s and is considered to be the largest cinema in Europe with over 2,500 seats in it. Not only does it have a large seating capacity, but it also boasts of having the largest screen in Europe.

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