The garden of Chancellor College at the University of Malawi
Photo by: icemannorth, Creative Commons

Aside from the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi, the country definitely has some other cities that offer the same tourism excitement for those travelers who like to enjoy what Africa has. One of these places is Zomba.
The defining feature of this place, aside from the warm welcomes of the people in the area, would have to be the Zomba Plateau.

The Zomba Plateau can be approached by foot, especially if the tourists are eager to find out the details that make up this wonderful place. With thick forest and clean streams of water that runs across the grassland, tourists will definitely feel this place is the closest to what they look for in getting close with nature.

The majority of the plateau area is being managed by the Department of Forestry in Malawi. They make sure that the area is well-kept from opposing forces like the over development.

Animals also roam the area, which is a nice thing since the place itself is a haven for wildlife.

Tourists will definitely enjoy staying in Zomba, especially if their purpose is to relax and enjoy their free time away from the bustling life in the city.

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