Resident elephants at Zoorasia
Photo by: Space Key, Creative Commons

Animal lovers visiting Yokohama, Japan will surely want to visit Zoorasia. This large, modern, immaculately maintained zoo is one of the newest in Japan. Zoorasia opened in 1999 and has operated with natural themes that allow animals to enjoy open, roomy settings that are designed to replicate their natural habitats.

These themes are called “Harmony in Nature” and “Symbiosis of Life” and the level to which they are exhibited at Zoorasia is unparalleled amongst the other zoos in Japan.

There are seven subsections of animal exhibits at Zoorasia that showcase seven varieties of ecosystem. They are:

  • Asian Tropical Forest
  • Subarctic Forest
  • Oceanian Grassland
  • Central Asian Highland
  • Japanese Countryside
  • Amazon Jungle
  • African Tropical Rainforest

Zoorasia features a wide variety of exotic animal life, but some of the most popular residents are the proboscis monkeys, okapi, elephants, and bears (including both black bears and polar bears).

In addition to animal exhibits, visitors can enjoy hiking on nature trails and dining at several full service cafes and restaurants. While parents take a break to enjoy refreshments, kids can have fun at a variety of amusements and recreation areas provided for their pleasure.


Admission is 600 yen. You can visit every day except Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Visitors must leave the zoo by 4:30 p.m. If a National Holiday falls on a Tuesday, Zoorasia is open to accommodate visitors!

By Bus

• From the Nakayama Station take the JR Yokohama Line. The trip will take ten minutes.
• From the Shin-Yokohama Station take the JR Yokohama Line. The trip will take 15 minutes.
• From the Yokohama Station take the JR Yokohama Line. The trip will take 15 minutes.
Buses depart every 20 minutes.

By Train

From the Yokohama Station, use Sotetsu Railways to the Tsurugamine Station and takes approximately 14 minutes.

Upon arrival, you take a transfer to the Zoorasia Bus. Buses leave every 20 minutes, and the trip takes about 15 minutes.

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