Zouk Mikael

Zouk Mikael Theatre
Photo by: Carlo Hatem, Creative Commons

If you are searching for the real essence of a “peaceful place” then you should come and visit one of the serene towns in the world, Zouk Mikael. It is a place where you will discover how to live in a calm and stress-free environment, as well as to do stuffs that can truly give meaning to your vacation. Moreover, this town is perfect for you and your family to escape a busy life at home and enjoy a quality time together.

It is not all about quietness and peace of mind when you find yourself at this spot in the map, because you can do a lot of activities here. Maybe you will here less noise from the people around, but it does not mean that you will not enjoy anything that is audacious and fun.

When you are on the streets, you will take pleasure in a lot of shopping in the town’s world-famous souq. There are people selling different goods that you can take home as souvenirs. For instance, you can buy deep sea pearls, gold jewelries, potteries, carpets, embroideries, and clothes. You can also spend some cash on pastries and great tasting wines.

If you want some respite, Zouk Mikael has many picture-perfect sites where you can spend some time to revitalize. One of the tourist spot is the St. George Church that stands with huge pillars made from bricks and it has a colorful altar at the center. It is a brilliant architectural masterpiece that will truly amaze you.

The Roman amphitheatre is both a concert space and a tourist attraction. It has an archaic design that blends well with modern living. It serves as concert venue of local and foreign music artists.

The Elias Abou Chabkeh Museum is home to some of the best contemporary Lebanese artworks. There are paintings, poems, scrolls, and ancient letters used during the Roman and Byzantine Empire.

Another impressive site is the convent of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Al Khazen. Built in the late 18th century, this convent is home to the Sister of the Visit order. The walls are painted in traditional Arabic patterns, and colorful paintings are hung. There are also imaginative sculptures set in the gardens.

If you want to turn a lazy afternoon in Zouk Mikael into a sparkling moment, you can stroll along the public gardens where you will appreciate different kinds of flowers or enjoy a breathtaking view of man-made ponds and small bridges.

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