Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is a magnificent area in Egypt located west of the Nile River. The region contains many tombs of the new kingdom and is divided into the west and the east valley. The east valley is more famous and attracts more visitors to it as it has most of the tombs. Visitors are often awed by the symmetry and magnificence of the tombs. Despite there being so many tombs, they each have their own uniqueness. It is almost impossible to see all of them. One of the special tombs is that of King Tutankhamen. A separate ticket is required to enter this famous tomb.

Not all the tombs are open for visiting at all times. Some are only used for special occasions and some of them are closed for restoration by the government. These tombs have undergone many changes in the past 500 years. Another tomb, Thutmose III’s, is in the East Valley and is one of the ancient tombs that has its own unique history. It was constructed in an oval shape and has paintings and carvings on the interior walls. There is a metal staircase that leads visitors down into the tomb.

Horemheb, Ramesses VI’s is yet another tomb that is worth visiting. So far almost 120 rooms have been discovered, however, they are not all open to the public. Although the ones that are accessible are certainly worth the visit.

Valley of the Kings Panorama
Panorama View of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
Photo from: Nikola Smolenski, Creative Commons

32 thoughts on “Valley of the Kings

  1. Kathleen

    Is there little you guys know about the valley of the kings becuase almost on every website it almost says the same thing.

  2. Kay Brown

    thnx Don I’m doing a World Geography Project & you helped me figure out a fact on the Valley of kings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. justin

    don the valley of the kings is real thousands of tourists go there all the time dumb ass

  4. Hunter

    you need way more historical facts because im doing a project on ancient egypt and this is talking about tourists and tombs 🙁

  5. mawanusa

    The valley of the kings and valley of the queens are just look like desert area, nothing interesting about the valley and that right is just look exactly like in the picture above, but when yopu visit the valley, the most incredible things are not the valley but the most beautiful tombs laid underneath of this desert valley. The tomb where all of the ancient egyptian pharaoh’s mummies was found with all stories, welthies, mysteries, etc.I was so also wondered before i really visit this valley. Then now came back for the 3rd times to this place. The king valley is to be put in abreviation to KV – King Valley and the egyptologists number the tombs by the time they found it. Some of the tombs are still unidentified. To go to the valley of the king there is only one entrance where you can buy the entrance tickets. But before the entrance is also there a way to the other side of the valley with few tombs has been discovered, to go to this valley yopu need to be escorted by the police and the guy who kept trhe key of this tomb (tomb of ay, the only tomb that opened in this valley). Have fun!

  6. bizzylizzy

    i’m doing an enrichment project on the valley of the kings it’s kind of hard to type anything about it because their’s not enough information really.

  7. jordan

    okay, there isn’t anything about the valley is because all it is is a place in the desert where they buried their kings, hence the valley of the kings. valley is just a name the called it.

  8. serenity

    I think it needs more about the valley of the kings not tombs and don it is real my mum has been their but it has helped with my project

  9. Nerd

    I agree with Molly that this could have had more info. on the actual valley.
    P.S. My name is also Molly. I think it is cool she has the same opinion as me.

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