Agra Fort in Agra

Agra Fort
Amar Singh gate displaying red sandstone walls from the Agra Fort
Photo by: laszlo-photo, Creative Commons

Agra Fort, also known as “Laal Kila”, is located in Agra, India. It is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983. The fort is located at about 2.5 kilometers from the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was designed and built by the great Akbar, emperor of Mughal Dynasty, in the year 1565 A.D. Because of this impressive fort, Agra is renowned as walled Palatial City. Agra was the capital of India in the ancient times. This glorious fort is built alongside Yamuna River, a major tributary river in northern India. This is one of the most important buildings of Mughal dynasty made with Mughal style of art and architecture.

The fort consists of a wall with a height of 70 foot, built with red sandstone along with many buildings in the site. The wall has two gates, namely The Delhi Gate and The Amar Singh Gate. We can enter into the fort only through The Amar Singh Gate. After entering into the fort, on the very first sight, we can see the great courtyard. To the right hand side, we can see a hall of public audience with several pillars called “Diwan-i-am”, which was built in the year 1628 by Shahjahan, emperor of Mughal dynasty. As we go further, we see two beautiful mosques, palaces and a market called “Zenana Mina bazaar”. Most of the buildings inside the fort are made up of marble stone. The most impressive thing to observe is the walls in the buildings, which are filled with running water in order to cool the rooms in summer. We can say it as ancient A.C with ancient technology. The view from the pavilion balconies is so incredible that one will fall in love with the nature.

The best way to reach Agra is to catch a flight from Delhi, capital of India. The alternative way is to catch a train “Taj express” from Delhi (204 kilometers from Delhi). The Agra fort is open from sunset to sunrise. The admission fee is 300 Rs for those who are above twelve years and it also varies for the tourists coming from different countries.

However, this fort has been a wonderful tourist place from the ancient period enriched with its uniqueness. Start building you memories!

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