Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Photo by: Chu, Creative Commons

Visiting Ajman in the United Arab Emirates makes a fascinating experience. It is the smallest emirate in the country in terms of the land area, which is only about 260 square kilometres. And since it is small, you can easily visit the many of the famous tourist spots.

To give you some tips, you should check out the list of tourist spots in Ajman below.

• You will see a mosque named after Sheikh Zayed, the first president of the United Arab Emirates. You will also see this mosque in Ajman. If you are a non-Muslim, you cannot enter the place. But you will be impressed by the rich Islamic architecture which is featured in the construction of the Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque.

• You should also visit the Ajman Museum. Before, it was a ruler’s residence. It is a historical place because it was one of the forts that protected the country against the enemies of the early emirates.

• Another landmark that you should not miss in Ajman is the Etisalat Tower. It looks like a tall mosque or a tower that has a huge golf ball at the top. This is an internationally known skyscraper and you should not pass up the chance to visit the place.

• If you want to go to the gym, you can do that at the Ajman Kempinski Hotel gym. You can work out in this place and go swimming in their clear pool. And when you get tired swimming in the pool, you can always go to the sandy beach which is very near the hotel gym.

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