Alaska Zoo

Resident wolf at Alaska Zoo
Photo by: novemberwolf, Creative Commons

If you are looking for a place to visit which will surely be enjoyed by the kids and the adults, you should visit the famous Alaska Zoo. Located in Anchorage, it is easily accessible with minimal to no traffic drive. You can easily find it on a map or you can just even ask directions from the locals. It is important to call the information center of the zoo before your visit to inquire if they will be having special events or to check the operating hours so you will be able to maximize your visit and enjoy it to the fullest.

The zoo serves as shelter to many of the animals. Here you will get to see the wildlife with your very eyes. Their bears are one of the most famous animals to the visiting tourists, most especially to the foreign ones. Polar bear, grizzly bear, glacier bear, you will get to see them all. Aside from the very touristy attractive bears, there also are the other members of the animal kingdom which are worth seeing and getting to see up close as well. It is not only going to be all sightseeing, you will also definitely learn more about the animals and your eyes will be more opened as to why you should be even more caring to the environment.

Alaska Zoo is definitely one place to visit if you want to get closer to nature and to get acquainted with animals you haven’t seen before. Make sure to drop by the zoo, most especially on holidays, because the zoo has beautiful presentations during those times. It is advisable to wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes to freely roam around the area. There are already available areas where you can eat and shops where you buy souvenirs as well.

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