Alcázar of Segovia

The Alcázar of Segovia is a stone fortress in the old city of Segovia, Spain. It is a unique palace located at the top of Guadarrama Mountains and the fort looks similar to the shape of a ships bow. The Alcazar was built as a fortress and later it was used as royal palace, Royal Artillery College, state prison and military academy.

The construction of the Alcazar was started in the year 1120 and it was finished in the period of the Emperor Alfonso VIII. The Alcazar was built on Roman foundations and also served as the official residence for the family of Emperor Alfonso VIII.

The Alcazar also served as the official residence for the Castile Kingdom sovereigns in the middle ages. Also at this period the Alcazar was extended by the Trastamara dynasty sovereigns. In the year 1258, Emperor Alfonso X rebuilt some of the damaged parts and the Hall of the Kings was added to the Alcazar.

In the year 1587, the sharp slate spires, School of Honor and the main garden were added to the Alcazar by the Emperor Philip II. In the early 17th century the royal court was transferred to Madrid. The Alcazar was converted to a prison and in the year 1762, the Royal Artillery School was founded here. In the year 1862, a major part of the Alcazar was destroyed and in the year 1896, the Emperor Alfonso XIII converted the Alcazar to a military college.

In the present days the Alcazar is one of Spain’s major historical sites. The major rooms to be seen here are the Hall of Ajimeces that features the collection of arts, the Hall of Kings and the Hall of the Throne.

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    We are doing a project on Spain, and we wanted to know can you visit this place, like on a tour, anything else,

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    i am doing a Spanish project about Espana mean Spain my teacher wanted to know some of the historical places. is this a historical place.

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    what the tomatia

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    yes you can visit this Castle as a tourist. I did the tour about a month ago & loved kit. very beautiful & interesting fortress with a lot of history

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    We are doing a report o this in Spanish class and this was very helpful

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