Basilica of Our Lady of Africa, in Algiers (Algeria).
Photo by: Rudolf Stricker, Wikimedia by Damien Boilley

Finding an exotic place to visit for a vacation is never too hard considering that there are several countries in the world which beautifully deviate from what is normal. But if you want something more than just exotic, say North African tourism for example, Algiers, Algeria is definitely the place to go to. Known as Al Djazair in Arabic, and Alger in France, Algiers is the Algeria’s capital city which lies on the Mediterranean coast. Although emerging from a troubled past, this modern African city hold both old and new attractions to welcome the travellers.

Algeria is bordered by Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali Mauritania and Morocco. It was primarily occupied by the native population called the Berbers. By 200 B.C. it was controlled by the Byzantine Empire up until the Arabs and the religion Islam arrived. The coastal area of Algeria is hilly and there are a few natural harbours. What’s interesting about its geography is that further down south of it is already the famous Sahara desert. Its capital city Algiers is the center of business and commerce.

Although Islam is the predominant religion here, the top tourist attraction in Algiers is the Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), A Roman Catholic church that stands as the basilica of Algiers. It’s one of the most outstanding monuments and it is accessible by one cable car. The Ketchaoua mosque is another historical monument that is stunningly eye-catching. It became the Saint-Philippe Cathedral during colonization and then became a mosque once again.

The very reason why one should visit Algiers is because of its local architecture. Buildings such as Cosmopolitan Algiers, The Monument of the Martyrs, Grand Post Office and the Ministry of Finances of Algeria are too beautiful to not get any attention. All these architectures including the rest of the attractions are like a masterpiece on its own, just like the city itself.

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  1. Eddie Tours says:

    I April this year I was privileged to visit Algiers, but in all honesty there is every reason to visit Algiers. I wholly agree with the author that Algiers is more than something just exotic. You must be an expert travel agent. There is indeed a lot for travelers to discover if you are about to travel to Algiers. Thanks a lot for this Amazing article. The city’s architecture is awesome. You are so resourceful and informative about Algiers. This work must have taken you some great efforts. Big hugs to the author!

  2. ABDUL MUEEZ says:

    I want to go to Algeria for tour how to get the Tourist Visa for an Indian National residence in Dubai U.A.E and profession is trader kindly advice what doc required and whhat is the prosidure

    bbest rgds

  3. Original, signed India passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
    Passport-type photographs: 3
    And other basic things as well such as Id proof etc.

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