Alytus Panoramic View
Photo by: Esss, Creative Commons

Alytus, Lithuania feels and looks like something out of a fairytale, with green forests and wide fields. Alytus is the largest city in Southern Lithuania, with some 68,000 inhabitants only.

The history of Alytus, Lithuania is quite interesting. The city’s first recorded history was in 1377, when The Marburger chronicles how the city was gutted down by the Teutonic Order. The city of Alytus, Lithuania, was collapsing. However, despite that, because of its favorable location and rich resources, it grew and expanded into a city. It wasn’t free of wars, fires and diseases. After every collapse, every time it was rebuilt, it became poorer and poorer than it was before. During the 19th century, under the governance of Russia, it has expanded and became the center of district. The city was fully regenerated and is now full of attractions and tourist spots.

Alytus is now teeming with museums such as the Alytus Museum, Fight for Freedom Museum, Law and Order Museum, and many art galleries. Aside from that, the city is also very proud of its many beautiful parks such as the City Garden, Youth Park, Resort Park, and of course the beautiful Gulbyne or Swan Park.

The city boasts many magnificent churches, monuments and remarkable historical places to see. This includes the Jewish Genocide Cemetery and Daivana, a partisan headquarters bunker. If you are more into action, it offers varied activities such as paint ball, tennis, horse back riding, skiing, canoeing and more.

You will never get bored with Alytus, Lithuania—there’s always something for every kind of traveler. Its beautiful surroundings, friendly people and plenty of entertainment choices will guarantee you a hell of a time.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I have to say the nature here in Alytus is gorgeous but as far as attractions and things to do there is not much of anything. Alytus is for the average working class of Lithuanians. If you are looking for things to do Vilnius is the top answer.

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