The Omo River near Ameya
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Ameya is the capital of Konta Special Woreda and is considered an ancient town that was established years before any other town in the region was founded. It is located 445 kilometres from the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, and is easily reachable by land travel. The old age of the town makes it one of the more interesting places to visit.
The Konta Special Woreda finds the epitome of its culture, traditions and people in Ameya. The district is considered to be the base and the foremost to visit when you want to know the cultural traditions of all other districts in the Konta Special Woreda. The place offers rich cultural heritages of the Konta people.

Aside from culture, Ameya also teems with biological diversity. The recently established Chebera-Chrchura National Park is a testimony to the various plant and animal life you can only see in Ameya. It is the best place to witness the threatened African Elephant. Other wildlife to see are mammals and birds that are also endemic to the place. The evergreen landscape of the park is majestically etched in rugged, rolling plains that are irresistibly eye-catching. More attractions are natural Riverine forest, Ground water forest, and a Mountain forest laced with beautiful rivers. The Omo River, the one of the largest in the country, is also found here. Hot and colds springs also abound in the place that attracts many tourists annually.

Ameya is the best place if you want to unite with nature again. The relaxing plant life plus unpolluted natural waters is all you’ll ever need for your next holiday getaway.

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