Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral 400
Amiens Cathedral
Photo by: Pingu1963, Creative Commons

Amiens cathedral, also know as the cathedral of our lady of Amiens, is the tallest cathedral in France. Amiens Cathedral is the heart of Picardy which is a couple of hours north of Paris. The interior volume is estimated as 200,000 meters cube . It is listed as one of world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1981. It is the tallest gothic church in from the Gothic era. The height of the ceiling is about 43 meters and the width of the nave is about 14.7 meters. The interior ceiling is a modern 14-story building. This cathedral was built in the year 1152 and was influenced by the roman style.

The cathedral was burnt in the year 1218 due to a lightening strike. The reconstruction of the cathedral was started in the year 1220 and completed in 1245.

3 responses to “Amiens Cathedral”

  1. Gurtrude says:

    Amiens Cathedral is just absolutely horrible. It is so boring and big and old, i thought i was going to drop dead of boredem. Don’t waste your precious time going to this dump.

  2. Carol says:

    Amiens was wonderful BECAUSE it’s big and old–not sure what Gurtrude was expecting from the tallest cathedral in France that was built in the 12th century!? It’s not a touristy area so you feel like you’re walking into someone’s place of worship with all the pews removed, as opposed to a tourist attraction. It is quiet and calm and very real, which is why we loved it. No tour guides and very little English in the written material so some might not enjoy that, but we were enthralled and we don’t speak French. Not a whole lot to see in the town, but it was worth our detour, for sure.

  3. yaela says:

    i am shocked by the previous comments. perhaps this is just the result of being old and having lived past the culture in which you grew up. in my day, the 1970’s, it was considered a great experience to be able to see the beautiful cathedrals of Medieval Europe with Amiens being one of the most famous and admired. if you were a cultured and well educated person, an admirable thing to be at the time, your having traveled and seen the great sites of the world, such as Amiens, would have added to your reputation as a person of worth.

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