If you want to visit one of the cleanest cities in the world where it is even illegal to chew gum for fear it might be tossed onto the sidewalk, then come to Singapore. A small island off the coast of Malaysia with a population of more than 4.48 million, second in density only to Monaco, Singapore is a feast for the senses with all of its exotic flair. An immigrant country that contains a mixture of cultures primarily from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Europe, the country of Indonesia is an expression of ethnic diversity that celebrate their own cultures while harmoniously intermingling with one another.

There are many things to see and do in Singapore. Dining is a popular activity and is very representative of all of the cultures that reside there. In fact, food has been considered as one of Singapore’s attractions by the Singapore Board of Tourism. Considered a gourmet’s paradise, dining can range from humble street stalls to 5-star restaurants, so there is something for everyone’s budget. Other attractions to experience in Singapore would be the Singapore Botanic Gardens if you like being in natural outdoor settings, the Singapore Science Centre to learn new things about science, and possibly the Singapore Bath Culture Foot Therapy to get a massage after a hard day of shopping and sight seeing.

Being close to the equator, Singapore has a very tropical climate, so it is advised to wear light clothing primarily made of cotton to stay cool while doing your vacationing there.

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