The Esplanade

Esplanade 400
The Esplanade, Singapore
Photo by: edwin, Creative Commons

The Esplanade is a waterside building that can be found near the Singapore River. It is the proud location for Singapore’s performing arts. It has 1,600 seats for a concert hall and 2,000 seats for a theater. Many people consider this a must-see when you visit Singapore because of its magnificence and cultural significance.

The Esplanade also has places suitable for outdoor performance as well as a mall for shopping and relaxing. Many Singaporeans call it “The Durian” because of its architectural design. You should really watch a performance in the Esplanade because it has world-class talent. It is a venue for concerts, recitals, as well as other performances showcasing Singapore culture.

The theater has a 2,000 seat capacity and capable of holding performances of all genres in performing arts. So far it has had no limitations whether Asian or Western, classical or contemporary. And not to mention, the orchestra can accommodate many musicians as well. It also boasts that the viewing distance between the last seat and the stage is just 40 meters, which means you don’t have to strain your eyes that much.

The Esplanade also has a recital studio for small performances as well as meetings. Even though it is smaller, the walls and ceilings produce good acoustics. It is usually used for rehearsals. There is also a theatre studio for small theater and dance performances. It is really amazing because even though it is small, it is fully equipped with flexible staging, lighting and sound systems.

And lastly, what gives the Esplanade that magnificent look on the outside is the Jendela, meaning window. If you could see a picture, you would appreciate the distinct architecture. Inside it has a space for displaying visual arts. And with a view from the Marina Bay, who wouldn’t be astonished. So, if you’re ever in Singapore, spend some time and be amazed at the theaters on the bay.

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