Baalbek & Its Ruined Temples

Baalbek, city gate in Lebanon
Photo by: Jerzy Strzelecki, Creative Commons

Baalbek is a small town situated in the Bakaa Valley, Lebanon. The city has made a name of its own because of the monumental ruined temples during the Roman period. During that time, Baalbek was called the Heliopolis, which was one the biggest sanctuaries. This is said to be one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world and one of the best built of the Roman dynasty. These are still preserved as the best piece of art by the Romans.

Some of the gods that are worshipped here are the Harmony of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and others. The city serves as the venue for the festival called Baalbek International that happens once a year. Almost 85 km from the northeast is the city of Beirut. The Baalbek temple is said to be one of the holiest and peaceful places and it is the biggest stone construction in the entire world.

The origin of the Baalbek is still unknown and different scholars have different thoughts about its origin. Baal means “lord” and this label was given to deity of the sky. It means the Bekaa Valley’s god. Baalbek is also the place of birth of Baal. Most of the tourists in the Lebanon city come here to visit the Baalbek. It is also said that the admiration of Baal is the amalgamation form of the god Jupiter, who was then called the Heliopolitian. It is said that the history of Baalbek is rooted to 5000 years ago. A lot of tourists visit this place because of the spirituality that is attached to it.

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  2. Susan says:

    The picture above does not show the “city gate” but the facade of the roman bath.

  3. 2a7la chabb says:

    Lebnen 2a7la balad bel 3alam chou ma baramet w chou ma fattachet bi dallo Lebnen l 2a7la

    i just said that Lebanon is the best country in the world. If u search and u search for a better country, Lebanon will always be the best.

    For Lebanese people: Reply on commment in lebanese to see if there’s someone else who likes Lebanon as I do.

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    Lebanon is the best country in the world not bcoz iam Lebanese but i travel all around the world i dont see such wonderful country like Lebanon especially his people

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