Museum in Bacau
Photo by: Andrei Lilian, Creative Commons

Bacau is located northeast of Bucharest city and near the confluence of Bistrita and Siret rivers. It was formerly a trade route of certain industries such as paper mill, footwear, cloth and textile, as well as building materials. Bacau today is one of the cultural centers is all of Romania, with a state theatre, museums and a symphony orchestra. The Bacau theatre in particular exudes Northern Italian architectural elements, with balcony, arches and mini-towers.

Bacau is generally a quiet city in a quiet ambience. It’s a good place for tourists who travel for relaxation. The Princely Court and the Precista Church are very important historical attractions in Bacau, erected and constructed by the prince Stephen the Great, and the latter by his son the prince Alexandru Voda. The Statue of the Stephen the Great is also a well known attraction. The city boasts of both old and classic buildings, as well as bold new edifices. Elegant boulevards surround the city and are very scenic at night.

Other great sites include the New Cathedral in Bacau, and other standing churches and those being constructed. The Ethnographic Museum and the International Painting Camp at Tescani are also lovely sites to see. The History Museum especially is wonderful, as it houses important antique collections from Ancient Dacia. What tourists also look forward to is the Festival of Moldovian Winter Traditions, where folk artists are all gathered during Christmas season every year.

Tourists can expect world-class accommodations in Bacau from hotels such as Decebal, Hotel Dumbrava, Hotel Moldova, and President Hotel Bacau. Bacau’s well visited restaurants, Corso and Restaurant Vila Royal, offer fine international cuisine.

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