Baffin Island

Baffin Island 400
Baffin Island Perspective
Photo by: L. Lew, Creative Commons

The name comes from an explorer in 1616, William Baffin. Baffin Island lies in the East of Nunavut which is the largest federal territory of Canada. When one looks at the map, the Island is positioned at the North West of Mainland Canada and West of Greenland. It covers about 183,810 square miles which make it as the fifth biggest Island in the world that is part of the Arctic Archipelago.

The majority of the people living on this island are the Inuit. The most common languages they use in the place are English, French and Inuktikut. Although there are areas where people speak English and French, the vast majority still speaks in Inuktikut which is their native language.

Baffin Island is very enticing most especially to visitors because there are lots of things they can do there such as wall climbing, skiing, mountain climbing and touring. Also, it offers kayaking and viewing of the polar bears which make it even more interesting to visit. The Islands attractions include the Cumberland Peninsula where the Mount Asgard and Thor Peak is located. It is also the region in the Island where one can find the well known Akshayuk Pass where one can ride a boat to see the parks. Clyde River is another region of the Island where one can find Granite Mountains. Another region is the Bylot that is in the North of Baffin, this is where the popular Sirmilik National Park can be found. This park is where most seabirds migrate and where attractive fiords are to be found.

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  1. Thomas Gatus says:

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    Unless I’ve been reading my maps upside down, Baffin bay is positioned in the North East of Mainland Canada, not the North West and the West or South West coast of Norway (70° latitude) not Denmark.



  2. Riztys says:

    Thanks for the heads up.