The Swords of Qādisīyah, International Zone, Baghdad, Iraq
Photo by: jim.gordon, Creative Commons

The idiosyncratic life in the Arab world is more than just gaping at a vast desert or slotting in a frenzied trade. There are a lot to see, a lot to discover, and most of all, a lot to enjoy. That is exactly what to expect in Baghdad, Iraq, and this awe-inspiring city has gained a lot of attention because of its ingenious architecture, and its essential part in the history of Christianity.

A trip to this city will definitely not leave you empty. You will be surprised how rich this place is that every memory you will craft here can change your life forever. The scenic spots do not merely stand at one point to attract tourists visiting the place, but these are significant landmarks that hold a single story that is very much significant to the world today.

Places to visit

The hot arid climate of Baghdad, Iraq may perhaps make you crave for ice cream or frozen drinks, but it is just perfect to tour the city and enjoy the tepid desert ambiance. There are several places to visit, and some of them include the following:


Located just south of Baghdad is this ancient spot. A famous place mentioned in the Bible, Babylon is more than just a part of history. Its rectangular mud yellow walls highlight the place.

Zumurrud Khatun Tomb

Built in the early 1930’s, this spot boasts a unique architectural design. For many, it is a perfectly built infrastructure that every piece of stone block used was placed in the right spot.

Golden Gate Palace

This palace serves as the official residence of the caliph and his family. It is a picture-perfect building that has a forty-foot high green dome and it is surrounded by an esplanade and a man-made waterside.

Baghdad Tower

Erected in 1994, this tower stands proud in the middle of the city and it has a revolving deck for tourists to have a clear view of the entire city. In addition, there is also a revolving restaurant, where guests can enjoy some of the local Arab dishes. This tower is formerly known as the international Saddam Tower.

Things to do

Finding yourself in Baghdad, Iraq will give you a chance to discover the local culture and lifestyle. Dining is one of the “must-do” when you are in this city. You can also take pleasure on performance arts, such as live drama and comedy theatres, ballet recitals, and orchestras. If you are looking for some sport, then you can make a fuss in a game of football.

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  1. Sahar says:

    I went to Baghdad this past summer. With a group of 34 ppl, during July. The weather was disgustingly hot!!

  2. ayden says:

    im doing this for a report teeheee

  3. aamir gilani says:

    Baghdad is a good city. People are friendly. Shopkeepers are butchers.

  4. Says says:

    Very good city!!

  5. you says:

    who knows oyher places in baghdad

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