Baishui Terraces

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Photo by: shanzz, Creative Commons

Regarded as a sacred site to the Dongba culture and an extremely popular attraction where the Naxi people live, the Baishui terrace holds a sacred beauty. A place where literary pieces and sacred rituals have been made. There are many visitors who have been captivated by the beauty of the Baishui terrace, found on the foothills of the Haba snow mountain in Shangri-La.

Ideally visited during spring, summer, and autumn months, the land where the Baishui terrace is located has an indeterminate temperature which changes rapidly from time to time during the day. From afar, and especially during autumn months, the crystal like terraces look like a white precious marble overflowing with water against a contrast of trees and blooming flowers from the mountains.

An annual holiday is held during the eighth day on the second month of the lunar calendar. Singing, dancing and various rituals are done in order to pay tribute to the founding father of the Dongba religion. Visitors are allowed to watch and take part in the ceremonies.

When visiting the Baishui terrace, it is advised that visitors a lot a minimum of a two hour period to trek along the foothills of the Haba mountain and enjoy the beauty of the terrace. It is also advised that visitors bring extra clothes and rain gear because rapid temperature changes occur during the day and rain is expected to pour at any given time.

Visitor packages are available which will mostly cover attractions near the Shangri La area; most of these packages include a two hour tour to the Baishui terraces. Peak seasons are during spring, summer, and autumn. Hotel and accommodation is easily available although they might get quite crowded during peak season. Mobile phone signals and internet connection are already available although signal strength might get weaker when in mountains or in gorges.

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