Falls near Bako
Photo by: NeilsPhotography, Creative Commons

Bako is another majestic place centred in Ethiopia. Located in the Mirab Shewa Zone, it is easily reachable via air or land. It is elevated 1743 meters above sea level where it gives a spectacular view of mountains and farmlands and savannas. It is the administrative center of the Bako Tibe Woreda.

Bako has been occupied by the Italians where medical clinics and schools have been established. Swedish missionaries are also credited for the establishment of a medical clinic that soon became into a mission station. Early in the 1900s, Bako has a developed education system for primary and junior schools as well as schools for the blind.

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research has opened as research center in Bako which now serves as leading institute for the manufacture of maize and other agricultural crops. The district of Bako is highly based on an agricultural economy, so visit to the Institute is imperative. The plateau is also covered in majestic farmlands, perfect for the viewing pleasure of the nature lover. The Bako National Park is another place to witness and commune with nature. Proboscis monkeys thrive in the national park, so with numerous plant species that will surely delight every jungle trekker. Spectacular rock formations alongside the sea are also a must to see for those who want to go swimming.

Bako is far from having an exquisite hotel accommodation and transportation. However, for the adventurous or just for a change, Bako offers the most exotic vacation experience you can probably have in your whole life.

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    really bako city is more beutiful and attractive than you expect

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