Baqubah, Iraq is in northeast Baghdad (the biggest city in Iraq) specifically found in the river of Diyala. Baqubah is basically outside the Sunni Triangle of Iraq. You can also spell Baqubah as Baqouba or Baquba. The name of this place is actually from an Aramaic language which simply means “Jacob’s house”.

Baqubah is the capital city of Diyala Governorate. The Diyala Governorate is home to the tallest TV and radio stations in the Middle East with its Diyala Media Center at about 1,047 feet in height. This center was actually built in 1989 by Japanese architectural firm thus you can be sure that this is really world-class. It is an independent station and it is known to feed the country with local news.

There are about 467,900 individuals living in Baqubah and it is still growing due to many people trying to inhabit the place. Many individuals like this place because it is actually the center of farming and business. This is because this place is actually the mediator or the bridge between Baghdad and Khorasan via the Silk Road. It is no secret that Baghdad is the largest city in Iraq and also the capital of the country. Together with Cairo, Baghdad is the largest in the Arab World. Khorasan, on the other hand, is called as the cultural capital of Persia wherein a lot of philosophers and scientists come from.

If you are going to Baqubah, don’t miss the fruit and date orchards and also the orange groves.

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  1. waqas says:

    Well, thank you very much for the people who worked to generate this nice article about my home town. However, I think part of the information given about the radio station is not accurate. I born in this city in 1974 and the tower was there and in service. I don’t know exactly how many years before my birth date it was establish. I will try to find out the exact date exactly post again. Thanks again

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