Basel across the Rhine
Photo by: Allie Caulfield, Creative Commons

Situated near the Rhine River along the borders of France and Germany, Basel has the most number of museums in the country of Switzerland. These museums prove to show that since the renaissance period, the provincial town has kept a tradition of scholarship and art.

Basel is divided into Gross Basel (Greater Basel) and Kleinbasel (Basel Proper) due to historic reasons, but this division is not really apparent as you get to the area.

Augusta Raurica in Augst is the country’s largest site of Roman remains and one of the most important highlights of the town. Nearly 1800 years ago, this place was home to about 20,000 people before it was destroyed by Alemannic raiders.

Munster Cathedral, the Historical Museum, Water Tower and the Spalentor are among the most visited landmarks in Basel. The surrounding area in City Hall is where most local people eat out. Their traditional Swiss cuisine like Rösti that’s made from potato is a must-try for visitors. Beside the Hall is the city’s main square called Münsterplatz that has been described to be Europe’s most attractive parking lot. Pfalz is also a romantic place to walk through, as expressed by many tourists who stop by the place.

Kleinbasel is Basel’s most multi-cultural area. There are lots of Turkish shops here, and restaurants that primarily serve beer rock the place.

The town is easily accessible from some European cities because of its main railroad. It opens to Paris, Brussels, and Frankfort due to its unique location. The prices of clothes, food and other commodities are also reasonable in Basel. For these reasons, it attracts many visitors from all over.

If you want to drop by Basel and see its beautiful villas, zoological gardens and other landmarks, you can expect a climate that is pretty typical for Central Europe. Seasonal breezes from the Mediterranean region and sunny weather marks its busy summer months, but frequent rain showers can also be expected at this time of the year. Snowy winter on the other hand heightens up the spirit of ski lovers and nearby ski resorts start to get filled with tourists.

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