A Buddhist in Battambang, Cambodia.

Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

Battambang Cambodia is located northwest of Cambodia that is considered to be the second largest city in this country. It was previously widely known before for its high quality rice production until the end of the war years. This province is the main hub of the Northwest province that connects the whole region with Phnom Penh and Thailand that also serves as an important link to Thailand. Battambang province offers peaceful and pleasant mountain sceneries where emerald green tops and surreal views can be viewed. Its picturesque setting and French architecture also offers a very calm and relaxing ambiance.

There are many things that can be done and places to visit when you are in Battambang Cambodia.

• Just southwest of the Tonle Sap Lak near the Sangker River, French architecture can be found. This place has been preserved by the Battambang government which now serves as one of Battambang’s famous tourist destinations. This place can be access easily by tourists because its location is just within the city.
• The bamboo train is also a fun thing to try. These bamboo trains are very creative and unique local transportation in Battambang city that can bring tourists anyplace that is within the city. Bamboo trains can be disassembled and can be taken off the rail in a matter of minutes when it meets an incoming train.
• Battambang Cambodia also offers a picturesque National Geographic located just outside the province. Battambang’s National Geographical area is just a few kilometers of the city where small villages and stilted house can be seen.

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