Dancing Fountain in Batumi
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Batumi, Georgia or also known as Batum or Batoum is a port side town in the Capital of Ajaria. Batumi is an autonomous republic that can be found southwest of Georgia is the last stop of Trans-Caucasian railroad and the Baku oil pipeline. This city is situated 20 kilometers from the Turkish border in a subtropical area where citrus fruit and teas are very popular. Batumi has been well known for its fortification since the 11th century and can be found on the ancient Greek colony of Batis.

Batumi, is also home to plenty of local flavors. The khachapuri locally known as acharuli khachapuri is a very special dish that you must try when you are in Batumi. This special dish resembles a Viking ship mixed with eggs and cheese. Batumi has an abundance of world class restaurants.

• The San Remo Restaurant which is located in the seaside south end of Batumi Boulevard is an elegant restaurant that serves both international and local cuisines.

• The Café La Vita Batumi serves a wide variety of foods that is located on Rustaveli Avenue across the park. Unlike hotels and restaurants that can be found in Turkey, the standards of Georgian restaurants and hotels are much better.
Batumi Georgia is also home to the world famous Black Sea where tourist can enjoy and the beach. Other places to visit include the Nurigeli Lake, the old mosque, and many more.

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  1. Gezi Rehberi says:

    Batum is a special city for me, Spnet there 3 nights was awesome. Have beautiful scenery, lovely and friendly people, nice food and cheap. Also night life is nice. Botanical park is amazing.

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