B’Bugia (Birzebbuga)

Pretty Bay in B’Bugia
Photo by: Glen Bowman, Creative Commons

B’Bugia, or Birzebbuga, is a small locality in the south seaside of Malta. It is the only area with sandy beach in the South of Malta. In order to make it look better, a government project was implemented to create a paved garden next to the beach where families can get together and enjoy.

It is a small, flourishing seaside resort that is approximately 8 miles away from Valetta, the capital city of Malta.

B’Bugia is popular for the important archeological sites that are present in the area. The town is also rich with historical structures and remains.

B’Bugia is rich historical attractions you ought to visit.

Ghar Dalam. This is an old cave which name literally means the “cave of darkness.” It contains bones of animals that have been extinct in Malta. It was investigated first in 1933 and was used during the Second World War as and air-raid shelter. In 1980, important relics in the museum were stolen. The Ghar Dalam is an important archaeological site in Malta where the evidence of human presence in the earliest times was said to have been discovered.

Borg-in-Nadur. A megalithic temple located near B’Bugia. It is a tribute to a goddess or a deity and stands in the south of the prehistoric ruins of a temple.

Pretty Bay. The bay with the enchanting beach. It is a popular sandy beach surrounded by a quaint promenade and various old houses.

St. George’s Chapel. The only fortified church in Malta that was built in 1683 by the Knights of St. John.

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