Benghazi University, Libya
Photo by: Wiki Commons , Creative Commons

Benghazi city in Libya is considered the second largest city in the country. In past times, Benghazi used to be the capital of Libya along with Tripoli and this has caused major advancements in the progression of the city. In the present times, Benghazi is now the capital of the region of Cyrenaica and competes with Tripoli in a lot of business aspects.

At night, the city of Benghazi can be appreciated because of its colorful lights. The buildings in the city have attractive lights that bring color to the dark night sky. While touring the city, you can be fascinated with their parks. The most famous one is the Al-Bosco which is a zoological garden park. 23 July Park is also worthwhile to visit as it is a well-structured beautiful park. Moreover, if you want to witness the city’s bright lights at night, then, try to visit the Al Da’waa al-Islamiya which is an office building. The building is very magnificent to see as it competes with the stars in showing off its bright glowing beauty. The Juliana Bridge also has the same glowing beauty heightened by its reflection on the river.

Furthermore, if you want to witness the historical past of Benghazi depicted in their architecture, try to tour around the Green Old Downtown. It is home to many ancient infrastructures and historical places so it is recommended to visit it in order to complete your trip in Libya.

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  1. Sorry to hear says:

    I just heard a shell hit right next to the University. I hope students were not hurt. I do not know if any buildings were destroyed.

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