Bermuda 400
Bermuda, Caribbean
Photo by: zhengxu , Creative Commons

An interconnection of small islands, Bermuda boasts of its quasi-tropical climate that is suitable for touring around the twenty one mile long island which is a self governing British overseas territory. Although located in near North America, the influence of British rule and the implementation of rules and regulations similar to the British government are very apparent. In total, Bermuda is composed of one city and one town that are both officially considered as incorporated municipalities. Moreover, there are also two additional municipalities present in the island.

The nine parishes that divide the island hold vital attractions to both tourists and also to the locals of Bermuda. These nine different parishes all show the different faces of Bermuda including its rich history and its present developments. St. George Town is one attraction that you should not miss when visiting Bermuda since it is considered one of the oldest heritage sites by UNESCO. The well preserved architecture and the layout of the town with winding streets and cobbled plazas will make you feel as if you’ve travelled back to time.

The Bermudan dollar is the island’s currency and its value is the same as the US Dollar. Both the US and Bermudan dollars are widely accepted in the island so there will be less hassle when it comes to making purchases.

If you want to go shop and find items that are unique or name brand, the Front Street in Hamilton is the place to go. The place is easily accessible by foot and you won’t have any difficulty walking around the stores and finding unique and interesting items. Due to the islands quasi-tropical climate, having a bottle of water is essential when taking a tour during the day where it might get quite hot for you.

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