Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle 400
Blarney Castle
Photo by: Heather Elias, Creative Commons

If there’s one place you should not miss on your visit to Ireland, it’s Blarney Castle, the perfect epitome of Irish culture and heritage. A historic edifice, built in 1446, found in Blarney Village, just 8 km northwest from Cork City in Southern Ireland.

Admission is affordable, although different rates apply for children, adults and students. Souvenir shops, gardens and refreshments can be found in this place, and it’s one of those places where you will enjoy taking pictures.

A reason not to miss Blarney Castle is the well-known Blarney Stone, which makes the castle a really popular attraction. You can’t enter the castle without viewing the stone, which is believed to do wonders for its visitors who take time to kiss it. Found at the top of the castle’s tower, legend has it that whoever kisses the stone will be gifted with an amazing eloquence that one will never be at a loss for words. No wonder it’s called the Stone of Eloquence!

Blarney Castle has stories that involve historical figures such as Cromwell and Queen Elizabeth. Visitors can read about them as they tour the castle and find out about its fascinating and intriguing history that includes battles and renovations on the structure.

Close to the castle is the Blarney House, which has a Georgian gothic look. Built in the 18th century, the house was actually destroyed by fire but its wings remain. Around the same time that Blarney House was built, Rock Close, a landscape garden. It had Druid-related structures that will bring you to some kind of a magical world like the Wishing Steps, the Fairy Glade and the Druids Circle. It looks quite suspenseful at night so you might want to visit it during the day.

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