Bora Bora in the Leeward Islands

Bora Bora
Sofitel Motu in Bora Bora with Mount Otemanu in background
Photo at: tensaibuta, Creative Commons

Bora Bora is an island within the Leeward Islands of the French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean and is located about 140 miles northwest from Papeete. The island is completely surrounded by a barrier reef and a lagoon, which makes it a vacationing paradise for holiday travelers and tourists. At the island’s center, one can find remnants from a volcano that is now extinct and rises with two peaks, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, where the highest point is 2,385 feet high. The original name of Bora Bora was given from the Tahitian language, which is better translated as Pora Pora.

Bora Bora was first sighted in 1722, but then located again in 1769 and settled in 1777. Today, tourism is a big part of the island, where many resorts have been constructed on the small island that surrounds the lagoon of the Bora Bora. The first bungalows over the water were built about 30 years ago on stilts by the Hotel Bora Bora. Now the overwater bungalows have become a standard feature for most of the resorts on the island.

Most of the island’s tourist destinations are centered around aquatic activities, but there are still some attractions to see on land. Some of the aquatic activities include scuba diving and snorkeling around or in the lagoon. There are many species of stingrays and sharks that live in the water, and some of the diving operators actually offer tourists the chance to dive with the manta rays or feed the sharks.

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19 responses to “Bora Bora in the Leeward Islands”

  1. Donnele says:

    I love Bora Bora. I have 3 beach houses there. Its so fun. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Esther says:

    Rich much Donnele? Must be nice…

  3. Sarah says:

    is it expensive?

  4. clarence granger jr. says:

    how.expensive! it is to get’there an stay for a few days. i would like to go.there with’ my girldfreind an her lil 7year old girld it is a beautiful place there

  5. Gidge says:

    Beautiful…if you go go you’ll need a beach blanket..

  6. kim says:

    love to go but the price is drop dead high

  7. kim says:

    must be great being rich donnele

  8. Duncan says:

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  9. Riztys says:

    Photo has attribution to someone else, please see
    is this you?

  10. kaneesha says:

    i think bora bora is fun!

  11. Jessica says:

    Who needs three beach houses? Seriously.

  12. Daniel Tan says:


  13. jenny says:

    i love bora bora

  14. Jayne says:

    I went to the French Polynesian Islands for two weeks, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Huahine, and Morrea. I have to say that I have traveled a lot of places, and Bora Bora was my biggest disappointment. It is always written as the most romantic island in the world. Only if you can get past the filth. Outside of my resort, I could not find a garbage can on the first three islands. It is obvious that no one else can find a garbage can either, because the garbage generated on these islands is ALL over the place. I spent $10,000.00 for this trip and the best island was Morrea. It was spotless and SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite thing to do is to drive a fun car all over the islands. They remind me of a VW Beetle with no body on the car. Two seats and nothing else. It was raining and we still had a blast for the day. We used our bungalow umbrella while we drove. It only goes about 5 to 10 MPH, so an open umbrella while you drive is wonderful.

    If any of you decide to take a trip to these islands, don’t waste your time renting a beach house. The over the water bungalows are the way to go. They are in only in this small part of the world. It is like having your own private island, and room service comes by outrigger to your private patio for nude sunbathing if you so desire. If you don’t rent one of these bungalow, you will kick yourself for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to go back just for these accomidations. So romantic. I could go on forever.

    I got married in Hawaii only because it wasn’t a legal marriage in French Polynesia. Hawaii reminds me of Florida. French Polynesia is a true paradise. Keep in mind that everything there is VERY expensive because everything there is imported. Thank God I came prepared with my $7 disposable under the water cameras. They were $35 each on the islands. Cigarettes were $15 a pack. I was so glad I quit. lol…Namaste

  15. Vivit says:

    My friend, Sped, loves this place!

  16. Nick says:

    Own small villa here. Weather is perfect and everything about this place is beautiful! If you ever get a chance please visit or come stay!

  17. Rachel says:

    I was once offered to work for an island resort as a stay-in SEO/web developer, and I declined it. I was a bit hesitant because I know I’m gonna miss the city. I love going to live gigs of my favorite bands, and that’s what keeping my sanity from the stress of work and everything.
    But I think I’m ready now to accept a job in a beautiful island and stay there. Especially when that is as beautiful as Bora Bora. It’s gonna be like paradise everyday.

  18. victoria says:



    makes me want to go as much as i do with hawaii

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