The famous Ponte JK Bridge in Brasilia.
Photo by: xenia_antunes, Creative Commons

Brasilia is the famous capital and the fourth largest city of Brazil. It is located at its central west region. It is part of the Goias state and was originally a barren land that is often mistaken for a dessert. It had few plants, animals, people, and scarce water source. When it was inaugurated in April 1960 as the new capital of Brazil, its developments were also started. Its urban design was like of an airplane shape created by Architect Lucio Costa.

Today, Brasilia is an ultra-modern city which is almost futuristic in character. It was built to create a perfectly planned city capital in the inland. It is the only 20th century built city given a designation by the UNESCO as one of the World Cultural heritage site.
The best way to travel to Brasilia is through air. Planes are more efficient mode of transfer in going to and from Brasilia. If you want to be impressed by modern architecture, visiting Brasilia is the best choice. Brasilia was best described by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1963 as “elegant monotony”. Its main attraction is its architecture and how it shaped the city. Vast lands of open space make it very distinct in character.

Sight-seeing includes the magnificent sunset glow highlighting the National Congress building. The very organized residential government and apartment blocks have its own uniqueness. It is more of a business and government city. Its climate is tropical savanna. Accommodation and restaurants are easy to find in Brasilia, as everything in the city is planned. These can be found in both North and South districts.

The Television Tower is another popular sight-seeing destination in Brasilia. It is the highest point in the city. It is near the hotel district and can be reached by foot. It is 217 meters high and is the highest in Latin America. It has an observation deck which is free of charge. At the lower deck at 25 meters above ground is the National Museum of Gemstones which is also a nice place to visit.

Ecotourism is also available in Brasilia just beyond its outskirts. Besides its urban zone it has a vast protected environment. In the city center lays the Parke de Cidade or Park of the City, which is the largest urban park in the world. It is a venue for sports and leisure in Brasilia. There’s also the Brasilia Zoo and Botanic garden located in the central district. Its outskirts ecotourism boasts of lagoons, rivers, wells, waterfalls, valleys, and caves.

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