Brazilian Carnival in Rio

Dancer From Brazil Carnival
Isabel, a dancer from the Brazilian Carnival in Rio, Brazil
Photo by:, Creative Commons

The Brazilian Carnival in Rio, Brazil is an annual festival that takes place four days before Ash Wednesday, which is described as the beginning of the 40 days fast, called Lent. During the days of fasting, some Roman Catholics and Christians do not consume meat. The reason of the carnival is to bid farewell to some pleasures of the flesh and it is dedicated to Christ’s death.

The carnival in Brazil is a little different from its counterparts in Europe because it has a mixture of the European and African fundamentals, including the music, rhythm, and costumes which change a bit from one region of Brazil to the other. A fine example to quote the differences is seen in the southeast part of the cities where the parade of the carnival is usually led by the Samba schools. Only Samba school affiliates participate in it whereas in smaller towns, there is no public to view the carnival. In those places, the carnival is organized in clubs. In the northeastern section of Brazil, even the common public is allowed to dance and take part in the parade and enjoy it to the fullest as they are made to feel a part of the big show. The Brazilian Carnival in Rio is all about having fun, dancing to the catchy rhythms, and wearing colorful clothes.

The modern carnival originated in the year 1641 as mimicry of the European style of having fun. However, over the years, it has changed and taken from different cultures like Europe, North America, and Africa.

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  1. Come along and ride a fanistic voyage. This is what I envision when I look at Carnival Queens on TV. Several years ago I was in the West indies. I was with three friends. We were there on business. We were trying to establish a night club with a driving theater in the background outdoors. A 50 foot by 25 foot sony TV screen and a Bose sound system. It works for the tourist who haven seen anything like this before. But that not the story I want to tell you today. Today I wish to talk about an idea I came up with while watching the Carnivals on tv. The carnivals are so beautiful, that I totally felt that it should be displayed at an outdoor screen in the West Indies late at night sitting out doors to a table drinking rum and cococola.

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