Bryce Canyon

Bryce canyon 400
Bryce Canyon Hoodoos
Photo by: Alaskan Dude, Creative Commons

In what seemed to be a desolate part of Utah, there lays a scenic spot that never fails to awe visitors. This is Bryce Canyon National Park, where the Bryce Canyon awaits you.

Despite being called a canyon, Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon, but a giant amphitheater naturally built from the water, ice and wind erosion of the sedimentary rocks that surrounds the park. Bryce’s hoodoos or distinct geological structures provide the rock’s red, white and orange color especially when sunlight touches it. This makes for a perfect background for a national park that is visited by over a million visitors and adventurers every year. The mere entrance sign of this vast geological masterpiece has welcomed thrill seekers to its natural sceneries.

The Bryce canyon point is perhaps the most scenic vista in the park. But if you are new to this place, be sure to head to the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center first so that you can get all the necessary information such as driving/hiking directions, up-to-date weather forecast, as well as park ranger guide program schedule before you embark on your journey.

Using the scenic drive, visitors can easily access 13 viewpoints that overlook the amphitheaters. Driving in between these viewpoints will give them different perspectives of the rugged terrain. But for those who have the knack for hiking, they can try one of the eight marked trails that can be completed within the day. Even novice hikers can join the fun as there are trails like the Bristlecone Loop on Rainbow Point that can be hiked in one hour. Those who want to conquer a more strenuous trail can opt for Peekaboo Loop at Bryce Point or Fairyland Loop at Fairyland Point as experienced hikers complete the trail anywhere between three and five hours.

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  1. pascal says:

    We are french and we went to brice canyon and visitit the canyon by horse-back. We are going to visit the canyon again by walk morning (half a day). Do you know what could be the best scenic loop for a walk trail and where to start ?

    Best regards

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