The Nesbitt Castle, Bulawayo
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe. It may not be the most popular tourist destination in the country, let alone the world, but there are some places tourists find interesting to visit. Before heading anywhere in Bulawayo, you should take proper care of your belongings. Due to the horrendous economic policies by the present administration, Bulawayo (like the rest of Zimbabwe) and its citizen’s have been suffering. Do not trust people too easily and always secure your valuables.

Places to visit:

If you’re a fan of art, you’ll love what Bulawayo has to offer

• Amakhosi Theater – It is the country’s pride when it comes to performing art. The Amakhosi Theater is the most prestigious stage in the country and being able to perform in it is considered both an honor and a pleasure. Before a show can be performed in the Akahosi Theater, it will have to undergo careful and meticulous review. You can be sure that only the finest works can be seen performed on this stage.

• Museum of Natural History – It is considered the second largest museums in the southern hemisphere. The Museums of Natural History contains more than 70,000 specimens of wildlife and insects. There is also a collection of mining displays and, of course, historical exhibits.

• National Art Gallery – Like other places in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo has a branch of the National Art Gallery. It contains a collection of both the traditional and modern art in different media such as paintings and sculptures. You can buy authentic tribal artifacts and other artworks in a shop located in the gallery’s building.

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