Port of Busan, South Korea
Photo by: giladr, Creative Commons

There are many places that you can explore in Asia. One those places should be a city in South Korea, Busan. This metropolitan city is the second largest city in the country after Seoul. This is where the largest port city in the country can be found, which is the fifth in the world. You may already have heard of this city, especially if you are a sports fan, because it hosted the Asian Games in 2002 and on the same year, it also became one of the host cities for the FIFA World Cup.

The place has a humid subtropical climate it and it rarely experiences extremely high and low temperatures. This provides a shopping haven for enthusiasts because this houses the largest department store in the world, which is the Shinsegae Centrum City.

Here are some places that you can stop by and activities that you can engage into as you tour the city.

If you are fond of historical spots and exemplary architecture, you must definitely pay Taejongdae a visit. People love going at this park that contains white lighthouse that is overlooking the green sea. While there, you can eat fresh raw fish on the shore, after which you can take a boat to see various islands, including the popular Suicide Rock.

To enjoy a good panorama of the city in its entirety, you should visit the Yongdusan Park and go up the Busan Tower.

The city used to provide indoor skiing services at Mt. Hwangryung, but due to lack of demand, the management decided to close it. It is still unsure when the facilities will open again.

There are also three hot springs and seven beaches that tourists love to flock to in Busan, South Korea. If this is your kind of fun, you can try going at the Haeundae Beach. You just have to make sure that you avoid the period of late July till early August because the place tends to be overcrowded at such time. If you want to simply lie down and relax, make sure that you visit the Hur Shim Chung Spa.

With so many attractions that you can find in Busan, South Korea, you definitely have to save up and include this place on your future travel plans.

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    i really love to visit your country for visit and other personal matters to me… i’m also amaze by your tourist attractions that i cannot see in my own country. hope there’s a chance to that… thanks for publishing this photos.. it gives me courage to pursue my dreams to go to your country.

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