Byblos City

Byblos Marina 400
Byblos Marina still used by local fishermen
Photo by: sergemelki, Creative Commons

Byblos is a Mediterranean city located in Lebanon. The city was founded around 5000 BC and was named Gibelet at the time of crusades. According to Sanchuniathon, a Phoenician author, the city was built by Cronus the leader of the Titans. The city is also mentioned in the Bible, 1 Kings 5:18 that refer to the Solomon Temples builder’s nationality and also it is being mentioned in Ezekiel 27:9 that describes the riches of Tyre.

An adventurer’s delight, teamed with being a modern city, Byblos provides a visitor to soak in the great scenic mountains. The people here are Maronite Catholics also Shi’a Muslims are also seen here. The major attractions in the city are:

Ancient Phoenician Temples
An archaeological site that features the ruins of Temple of Baalet Gebal built around 2700 BC, Great Temple Built around 2700 BC and The Temple of the Obelisks built about 1600 BC.

Byblos Castle
The Byblos Castle was built in the 12th century with the use of limestone and bounded by a huge moat.

Medieval City Wall
The Medieval City Wall features a wall that measures about 200 meters from the north to south and 270 meters from the east to west.

Byblos Wax Museum
The Byblos Wax Museum features the wax statues that display the lifestyle belonging to the Phoenician era.

Byblos Fossil Museum
The Byblos Fossil Museum features the collection of marine life belonging to several millions.

Byblos International Festival
It is a music festival that is held during the summers.

St John the Baptist Church
The construction of the church began in the year 1150 and it was destroyed by a massive earthquake in the 12th century and the ruins of the church are still visible to the present day.

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  1. I have been to Byblos before (a lot of times), but I knew little about its history and attractions. This review is a must to read before going there.

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