Cable Cars of San Francisco

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Market Street Cable Car

Photo by: Wendy Piersall (@eMom), Creative Commons

When you think of San Francisco, the Cable Cars are what first come to mind. These cable cars have been popularized and immortalized by the movie industry. I bet you can not name a film set in San Francisco that is without a cable car scene.

For locals, the San Francisco Cable Cars are a means of transportation; but to visitors, it is an attraction. Ride all three routes of the cable cars and get a tour of all popular areas in the city. From 6:00 am to 1:00 am, you can take a trip on any of its routes and take a glimpse of the world-famous Aquatic Park, Union Square, Nob Hill, Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Almost anyone who has been to the cinema is familiar to these red cars that have been rounding the city since 1873. The golden bell in front of the car is a piece of art that has witnessed the unfolding of history. The San Francisco Cable Cars are so popular that it has become the city’s icon. In fact if you show anyone a picture of any cable car, the first thing that he would think of is San Francisco.

After the adventurous ride around the city in the cable car, end your day with a visit to the San Francisco Cable Cars Museum. You will be fascinated by the interesting facts about these world-famous cable cars. Learn its history and the dynamics of how the cable cars work.

San Francisco is a tourist attraction in itself.

The city thrives in its history. What better way to experience all these than by taking a tour around the city through its cable cars. The San Francisco Cable Cars are universally famous not because of how they transport people around the city, but how they have transported people through history.

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    whats so great about calbe cars, no one really wants to ride one if theirs nothing big and great about it

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