Chitral Valley
Photo by: Charlie Phillips, Creative Commons

In the northwest part of Pakistan lies a town overflowing with triumphant stories and architectural wonders. Chitral stands proud at the middle of the valley that is surrounded by the Hindukush mountain ranges.

One of the tourist’s spot that this place is proud of is the Chitral fort. It beams with its magnificent architectural design that leaves the tourists in awe. Another wonder spot is the Palace of Metar that houses the true stories of the past. History enthusiasts will find this place fascinating. The Jami Mosque that stands just in front of the Chitral fort serves as the center of religious practices of the locals. And for an awesome recreational sport of mountain polo, the Chitral Polo Ground is a perfect spot.

Anyone who would love to visit Chitral should never fail to visit the commercial center of the town that showcases tourist’s hotels and a street bazaar. Locales sell different items here, such as embroideries, hats, gems, potteries, and some of the tastiest street foods in the world. There are also restaurants that offer delicacies that combine the best of both the eastern and western world.

A simple stroll on the streets outside the commercial center is another simple way to learn more about the local culture. Anyone will admire women wearing embroidered gowns and jewelries. There are also some local folks performing the traditional dance, called Kalash.

Chitral is more than just a spot on the map. It is home for a great culture and marvelous wonders of the world.

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  1. Adnan says:

    This pictures is not what actually breath taking beauty of chitral is. U r biased.

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