Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre 400
Cinque Terre
Photo by: chuntera, Creative Commons

As part of your Italian trip, do include the Cinque Terre. This is such a magnificent place located along the rugged terrain of the Italian Riviera. Feel free to experience what it felt back then: enjoy the purity and the simplicity when you stay there. The place has this rustic feel, especially the houses since they are situated on a cliff, which, according to several visitors who have found their way there, is like life living in a different world since all you would need are just your basic necessities.

Cinque Terre means Five Lands in English. These were created in a way that there is a certain point where the modern world is separated from the old ways. You see, any form of transportation stops at the border. You better pack your sturdy boots since you will definitely have to traverse steep and low paths to go to Cinque Terre. Do not be frustrated since all your huffing and puffing would mean a lot the moment you reach the Via Dell’Amore. Now that is such a romantic name, and it also means the Lover’s Walk.

Visitors really take time to visit this beautiful land filled with a breathtaking view, most especially at night when all you can see is the water, the moon and the countless stars that smile down on you. Cinque Terre is such a perfect honeymoon place after all. While you are arranging your trip here, be prepared to enjoy the seafood this place has to offer. Aside from the seafood, don’t forget the pasta since basil grows so abundantly in this area. You’ll enjoy crabs delight in the afternoon and that sensuous pesto pasta with a bottle of wine at night.

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    this is a abeautiful place to visit

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    this is a abeautiful place to visit

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