Colosseum of Rome
Colosseum of Rome Upper View
Photo from: Malkav Creative Commons

The Colosseum is one of the greatest architectural accomplishments in the history of Rome. It was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre and it is the largest amphitheater in the world. The Amphitheater was built to organize gladiator contests, animal hunts, dramas, and battle re-enactments. All of these were attended by the people and most of the entertainment was sponsored by a private party.

Built in the center of Rome itself, the Colosseum’s construction began sometime between 70 and 72 AD and was completed in 80 AD under the reign of Emperor Titus. It has a seating capacity of 50,000 spectators, and over the years has been damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires. Many restoration projects have updated and restored the Colosseum, but pollution and traffic continue to damage its interior.

Today, the Colosseum is used for multiple purposes. The Pope leads a procession on good Fridays called the station of the cross, and political organizations light the walls with gold light when capital punishment is abolished in countries around the world. The Colosseum of Rome has been given great importance by the media and various Hollywood movies have been shot in the amphitheater. The famous movie “Gladiator” was highly influenced by the Roman culture and the gladiator contests.

Traveling to the Colosseum

The fascinating history involving bloodbaths and battles associated with the structure is what draws visitors to this historical site. Getting to the Colosseum by taxi or bus from the airport is easy enough, but the line to get into the site itself can be long, especially during the very busy summer season. Aside from going there at any other time, there are other ways to get around these long lines. You can buy your ticket either at the Roman Forum or the Via de San Gregorio (these ticket counters are usually line-free), or you can even get them online. You can also buy a combo ticket that covers several of Rome’s main attractions, or call the office to reserve your ticket in advance. Another good way to avoid long lines at the Colosseum entrance is by joining a tour group.

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