Downtown Copenhagen
Photo by: jimg944, Creative Commons

As the world faces crisis and abrupt climate change, it is almost impossible to find a nice place to live in. But for Copenhagen, Denmark it’s a different story. One of the oldest cities in Europe is still one of the cities that is considered to have the best quality of life. Copenhagen is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager.

The country’s capital is evenly occupied by both an urban and a metropolitan population. Although it’s one of the very densely populated areas in all of Europe, Copenhagen is one of the most visited of the Nordic countries with over 1 million tourists per year. It’s one of the more highly developed countries as it is a major regional center of business, media, science and culture.

Copenhagen is considered a very liveable place because of its cleanliness. It’s considered as one of the very environmentally friendly cities because its harbour can be swum in and about a third of the city’s people use bicycles as their means of transportation. In their downtown area, the places to visit and to be entertained at are the Tivoli gardens and the Town Hall Square.

If you want the very cultural and scenic areas the places to see are the Marble church, the Rosenborg castle, and the Christiansborg. And if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss, it’s the statue of The Little Mermaid. Sculpted by Edvard Erichsen, this statue was a present to Copenhagen and unveiled in 1913. It was a sculpture of a solo dancer named Ellen Price who danced to Fini Henriques’ ballet “The Little Mermaid,” at the Royal Theatre. It also represents the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

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